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 Bild The Original Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour

The Original Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour

  • Entrance Included
  • Local & Tourist Shops
  • Coffee Shop History
  • Dutch Drug Laws
  • One of a kind tour
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    The Original Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour

    The Original Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour covers the history and traditions of the notorious coffee shops of the capital city. The laws and regulations surrounding this phenomenon are filled with weird and unknown rules. This tour is built to help you understand the history of these places and how they operate. Amsterdam is not a city filled with drugs and on the contrary, you will find the city to be quite clean and well regulated. This open regulation has lead Amsterdam to become the world leader in the Cannabis industry and Cannabis Tourism. This tour is jam packed with history, historic sights and unique visits. All entry fees are included in this one of a kind tour. Come join us on a cultural tour with the Original Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour.

    This Amsterdam Coffe Shop Tour Includes

     entrance to a cannabis grow room (3 euro, implemented in the total price)
    Rolling challenge

    Rolling the dutch way, tutorial

    Enter up to 3 coffeeshops

    entrance to Hash Hemp Marijuana Museum (9 euro)

    Rolling starterkit

    Dutch Snacks
    English speaking guide

    The Original Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour covers:

    This tour is jam packed and can change based on the time of year and local events. 
    – founding ideas of Amsterdam’s Coffee shops
    – the Netherlands approach to Cannabis and drugs
    – Dutch drug laws
    – weed pass (wietpas)
    – types and varieties
    – weed, hash, lollipops, and cake(What works and what not)

    – how the weed is grown
    – how hash is made
    – how cannabis cake is made
    – how to recognize good and bad weed
    – retail industry: seeds, weed, and hash
    – supply chain to Cannabis coffee shops.
    – local and tourist coffee shops

    This tour is not appropriate for people under the age of 18 years. All guest are required to have recognized proof of Identity to be able to enter Cannabis Coffeeshops
     Meeting Point: Dam square in front of the Madame Tussauds Museum. Look for the green umbrella’s.
    Price: 20€
     Tour Duration: 3 hours


    Tour Details

    Thurs, Fri, Sat @16:30
    Across From Madame Tussauds In Dam Square: Dam 20, 1012 NP Amsterdam, Niederlande
    Zillard (Austria)
    Very chilled and relaxed. Jamin was great. Would not have known this part of Amsterdam without his explanation and insights! Thank you for a good tour and recommendations :) - Zillard (Austria)
    Sebastian (France)
    "The guide was excellent! Funny, well spoken, knowledgeable  and invested in us understanding the history of Amsterdam. Really enjoyed it! Thanks!”" - Sebastian (France)
    Karina (Australia)
    "We had an awesome tour today. Our guide, Felix, did a wonderful job and made the tour very interesting. Thank you!" - Karina (Australia)